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Walking through the streets of the center you will easily be conquered by the special charm of Florence. Stendal knew something about it! If the stones of the ancient monuments could tell us about so many centuries of history, who knows how many episodes, voices, images, secrets they would like to reveal to us.

Have you ever wondered if, looking at a statue, maybe in Piazza della Signoria, behind the apparent perfection and beauty hides hidden meanings? Some of the most famous artists have had controversial personalities, restlessness and torment, sometimes with problems with the law and very serious charges. In those days it took very little to be tried, perhaps for false accusations made anonymously by some enemy.

This tour is for the most curious, to discover the mysteries, crimes and everything that Florence secretly guards. You will discover a different Florence, with its stories and unsolved mysteries from the past that still surprise us today and to which perhaps we still don't know how to give exact answers. Piazza del Duomo, April 6, 1478. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, sacred places often became privileged sites for conspiracies and murders. It was here that one of the most violent conspiracies in history was organized. It was the Pazzi conspiracy against the Medici family, where the brother of the Magnifico, in front of the whole family during the celebration of Mass, was violently killed with nineteen stab wounds, and the revenge that followed was no less.

But who were the Pazzis? And what does Leonardo da Vinci have to do with it?

And Francesco de' Medici and his second wife Bianca Cappello, did they die of malarial fevers or were they murdered by the Medici family itself?

These and other mysteries will be the protagonists of our itinerary in the historical center of Florence, where we will visit the austere district where you can still breathe the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, with the tower houses and the dark streets where once took place bloody fights between rival families and violent executions, both in public places and in the courtyard of the Bargello, once a Florentine prison.

One of the most evocative places of the city was since the past the place of Florentine public events, including public executions. There are many mysteries and curiosities hidden in the sculptures and stones of Palazzo della Signoria, which looks like a real castle with its high tower where Cosimo dei Medici and Savonarola were imprisoned.

One of them was considered a heretic and burned in the middle of the square!

  • minimum 2 hours
Planned entries:
  • NO - Possibility of customizing the tour with the inclusion of visiting museums
  • No means of transportation is required.
  • Possibility of renting a motorized chair on prior request