Florence travel guide

Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella

In Via della Scala, behind the central station, in the convent complex of Santa Maria Novella, is the oldest historic pharmacy and apothecary shop in Europe, active for over four centuries.
Already in the fourteenth century, the Dominican friars of Santa Maria Novella sold rosewater as a disinfectant, even for epidemics.
The perfumery dates back to 1612 and when you enter you can still admire the furniture and furnishings of the time, where you can inebriate yourself with the essences and perfumes of the brand Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella.
From the Pharmacy it is possible to access the marvellous Chiostro Grande which is part of the church convent, the largest in the city with splendid 16th century frescoes by over 15 painters from the Florentine Academy.

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