Florence travel guide

Buontalenti, court architect and...delicious Florentine ice cream!

Impossible to visit Florence without enjoying a good ice cream! Strolling through the streets of the old town there is no shortage of ice cream shops where you can stop and find yourself in the difficult choice in front of so many flavors!

But my favorite is still him! The Buontalenti, made with cream and custard, which owes its name to the famous architect.

The recipe using ice and fruit was already known, but he created a new type of ice cream for the Medici family using eggs as well. It seems that he had also invented a machine for making ice cream, making it freeze thanks to the paddles operated by a crank.

Once our palates are satisfied, let's talk about the great architect Bernardo Buontalenti, student of Vasari and author of Florentine masterpieces, who, in addition to architecture, also created wonderful fireworks shows, fountains with water games, fittings and sets for parties and court celebrations.

He worked on the enlargement of Palazzo Vecchio, of the Uffizi (he was also the author of the Tribuna, considered the first museum in the West). He also continued his work in the Pitti Palace and in the Boboli Gardens, where even today his famous Grotto conquers all visitors. Inside, in the past, the Medici family placed the 4 statues of Michelangelo's Prisoners, now in the Accademia Gallery together with David.

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